Silent Light Ensemble


The Silent Light Ensemble, a musical formation created especially for the 2021 UFA Film Nights from members of the ensemble Trioglyzerin and the Ekkehard Wölk Quartet, already proved its prowess at that silent film festival.

For years Trioglyzerin has been a guest at the UFA Film Nights with acclaimed accompanying music. In 2012, for example, the ensemble created the music for Fritz Lang’s SPIONE (SPIES), in 2013 for GEHEIMNISSE DES ORIENTS (SECRETS OF THE ORIENT), in 2015 and 2020 for DIE ABENTEUER DES PRINZEN ACHMED (THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED), in 2016, together with the Deutsche Oper Berlin’s JazzCombo for DIE BERGKATZE (THE WILDCAT), and in 2018 for SUMURUN.

Ekkehard Wölk’s 2019 composition for MADAME DUBARRY was another success – a winning fusion of baroque and jazz. For its performance, Wölk teamed up with three other musicians to form the Ensemble Ancien Régime.

In their 2021 collaborative film score for DIE LEUCHTE ASIENS (THE LIGHT OF ASIA), the Silent Light Ensemble has focused especially on evoking oriental sound worlds, with which they are intimately familiar. This year, the ensemble presents a new composition inspired on the one hand by Jean Gilbert’s popular operetta DIE KEUSCHE SUSANNE, but also influenced by the vibrant dance music of the 1920s, and incorporating elements of modern jazz as well as freely improvised music.

The Silent Light Ensemble under the direction of Ekkehard Wölk (piano/keyboard/arrangement/composition) consists of Kristoff Becker (cello/electronics), Andrea Marcelli (drums/clarinet), as well as violinist Matthias Leupold, who joined the formation especially for this film.



The third evening is dedicated to Lilian Harvey and Willy Fritsch, the dream couple of the emerging talkie era, who had their first screen appearance together in DIE KEUSCHE SUSANNE (CHASTE SUSANNE), directed by Richard Eichberg. Audiences will witness the film’s premiere in its restored version. Under the direction of Ekkehard Wölk, the Silent Light Ensemble presents – in another premiere – a composition inspired by the popular operetta of the same name by Jean Gilbert. read more


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